Visa & Passport rules

  1.  All international students who arrived to study in Belarus must register their international passports with Belarussian visas and migration cards at the Department of International Relations at the University.
  2. At the Passport-Visa Department a student is registered at the address of one of the student dormitories of the University, where a student is given accommodation by his/her faculty. In case a student refuses the lodgings the student must be registered at the actual address providing the necessary documents proving that the student studies in Belarus: the contract signed with the University, the document of payment for the studies, admission certificate, student certificate and other papers on demand of the Passport-Visa Department.
  3. The contract concerning services provided by the University is prepared by a certain department which defines the quantity of academic hours, the costs of the services, the terms, and other. The originals of all the documents are kept in the personal files of international students at the International Relations department of the University.
  4. International students must provide the International Relations Department of the University with exact and definite personal information.
  5. International students must buy a medical Insurance policy valid on the territory of Belarus. In case a student has his/her own personal reasons not to acquire such a policy or has a foreign medical assurance policy, the student must refuse to acquire a policy in written form and agree to cover all the expenses of medical services during his/her stay in the Republic of Belarus.
  6. 14 days before the expiry date of the registration in the city indicated in the passport, international students must prolong the period of its validity if the Chair of their faculty confirms that the student is determined to continue studying at the University.
  7. In case an international student needs to leave Belarus for a certain period of time or forever and cannot do this with the available visa He/she must inform the International Relations Department of the University about it one month before leaving the country.
  8. All the documents necessary for entering/leaving the country are submitted 20 days before the day of entering/leaving for a holiday period and only on a written agreement of the Faculty Dean.
  9. On returning back to Belarus after holidays students must inform the International Relations department within 1-2 days, bring their passport and the migration card there to do registration at the Passport-Visa Department.
  10.  Students must change the national passports in their countries 1-2 months before the expiry date and must inform the International Relations department about it immediately.
  11. On receiving a new national passport back in their country the student must have in registered together with the migration card at the International Relations department within 1-2 days after entering the country.
  12. When visiting other cities of the Republic of Belarus students must inform the International Relations department of the University about it.
  13. Finishing the studies at the University students must receive a leaving visa 20 days before the departure.
  14. If you have any questions concerning the rules of the passport-visa regime or you need information about the rules of staying on the territory of the republic for foreign citizens, or about the conditions of lodgings and adaptation at the school campus please contact the International Relations department of your University.            For more information, contact us.