Belarusian National Technical University

Large and complex tasks of recovering the economy of Belorussia in the 20-ies of the  20th  century required  training of highly qualified personnel for all branches of national economy.

Therefore, on 10 December 1920 Minsk polytechnic school was transformed into higher technical educational establishment  “Belorussian state polytechnic” for training engineers with high education in main directions of industrial activity of the state. Five faculties carried out the admission of students: mechanical, civil engineering, cultural and professional, chemical and technological, electrical engineering. N.K. Yaroshevich was appointed the first rector.

The teaching staff included  50 teachers. 305 full-time students and 119 students of preparatory department studied during the first academic year at the institute.

Later on, after some reorganization on 1 July 1933 the Sovnarcom of Belorussia decided to restore a polytechnical institute, where about 120 teachers and 20 departments had been working by September 1933. 1200 students studied at the institute.

In the early 40-ies of the 20th century BPI became one of the leading technical institutes of the Soviet Union. 32 departments of four faculties trained engineers in seven specialities.The number of teachers increased up to 180,  including 19 professors and 71 senior lecturers. About 2000 engineers were trained during 1933-1941.

The Great Patriotic war interrupted the work of BPI. It resumed in 1945, when 375 students began to study. In 1949 the number of students went up to 1500, more than 160 teachers worked at 37 departments.

On 17 April 1991 a decision to reorganize  Belorussian polytechnical institute into Belorussian state polytechnical academy (BSPA) was taken.

On 1 April 2002 under the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus Belorussian state polytechnical academy was reorganized into Belarusian national technical university (BNTU).

During the ninety years of its existence BPI-BSPA-BNTU has trained 170000 specialists.

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