Student’s accommodation

Some Universities in Belarus offer accommodation to students at the university. For on campus accommodation, the fee is determined in accordance with the school order and the costs may vary from time to time. Off Campus accommodation depends on the part of the Belarus the student resides and so there is no specific amount to that.

Most Universities have hostels that can accommodate as many people as possible and offers opportunity for students to have everything necessary for life, study and rest. Rooms for two and for three persons are grouped into blocks. There is a separate bathroom and a refrigerator in each block. There is a kitchen with electric cookers on each floor. There is an independent-study room, a student café, a library, a social and educational assistance center. And in most of these hotels there are separate internet access rooms for students. However, with the increasing number of International students yearly, many students might have to live off campus because of inadequate space.

What accommodation is available for foreign students?
All colleges and universities in Belarus have an accommodation department, which can help you get a residence permit and find lodgings. Most students live in student hostels, which cost around 15-50 USD per month.
Note: Accommodation also varies from location to location.