International students

There are more than 6000 foreign students studying at higher education institutions and universities in Belarus yearly.
In general, this number of international students is achieved as a result of the functions of the education system of the republic of Belarus. Higher education fees for foreign nationals range from 2000-3500 USD, depending on the Course of choice and the institution. This is far below the fees rate compared to some countries.
All Universities and colleges in Belarus have accommodation departments, which can help international students, get a residence permit and find lodgings upon their arrival.

In Belarus, International students are not pressured for their interactivity within theirs schools or public premises, unlike other countries where student are harassed day in day out by citizens or security personnels, Belarus receives and permit International student to express their freedom of tourism and patriotism as far as they have their study permit process intact and fully completed.

The geographical territories from where foreign citizens came to study in Belarus are actually wide and cannot be easily estimated in terms of exact figure. However, the following are international relations to Belarus and basically where many students came from: Australia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Viet-Nam, Ghana, Germany, Georgia, Yemen, India, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Israel, Cameroons, China, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistani, Turkey, France, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden, Shri-lanka, USA etc. For more information Contact us.